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Hudson McFann


I am currently a PhD candidate in geography at Rutgers University. Across my work, I explore historical, political, and aesthetic dimensions of urban space- and place-making. I am now working on four main projects:


The first project is my dissertation, a study of the history and legacies of Khao I Dang refugee camp in Thailand. Built in 1979, in the wake of the Cambodian genocide, the camp reached a peak population of 140,000 and remained open for nearly fourteen years.


The second project is Rebuilding Khao I Dang, an extension of my dissertation with several aims, including developing a collection of oral histories with former UN and government officials, relief workers, and refugees.


Third, I am co-editor, with Asher Ghertner and Daniel Goldstein, of Futureproof: Security Aesthetics and the Management of Life. Forthcoming with Duke University Press, the book includes an introduction, ten empirical chapters, a foreword by Catherine Lutz, and an afterword by Didier Fassin.


Fourth, I am working on an ongoing photography project, Found Forms, which locates expressive figures in lost and discarded materials.