Hudson McFann
I am a geographer, oral historian, editor, typewriter technician, and artist.

Currently a PhD candidate in geography at Rutgers, I am writing my dissertation on the history and legacies of Khao I Dang refugee camp, built in Thailand after the fall of the Khmer Rouge. I am also coordinating an ongoing oral history project called "Recollecting Khao I Dang."

My research interests include the history and politics of humanitarianism, aesthetics, theories of memory and archives, security, and political violence. In 2020, my first book, Futureproof: Security Aesthetics and the Management of Life, co-edited with Asher Ghertner and Daniel Goldstein, was published by Duke University Press.
Prior to entering the PhD program in geography at Rutgers, I completed a BA in geography at Ohio State, an MA in political ecology and ethnographic film at NYU Gallatin, and spent an academic year in Canada on a Fulbright grant. For several years, I worked on environmental issues as a researcher, consultant, and policy advocate, including serving as a SustainUS delegate to UN negotiations in New York and Rio de Janeiro.

I live in New York, where I work part-time at Gramercy Typewriter Co.